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Decision Intelligence for SAP

Thousands of organizations rely on SAP to support their everyday data needs. One of the key challenges for SAP customers is to find a complete set of tools that work directly on both SAP BW and SAP HANA with modern self-service analytic capabilities while exposing all the enterprise, server-based functionality of both for security and governance. As a complete, enterprise-grade analytics platform, Pyramid is a compelling option for organizations that urgently need to get more value out of their existing SAP BW and SAP HANA investments. Without any data extraction or duplication, Pyramid offers best-in-class functionality and performance that preserves the security and governance inherent in the SAP platform.

Benefits and Features 

Experience great performance against SAP BW and HANA 

Users benefit from powerful analytic queries on SAP BW and HANA without needing to extract data. Offers users an intuitive "point and click" interface that automatically generates the needed MDX or SQL statements to execute mathematical and set-based logic directly inside the database

Easily integrate 3rd-party data sources into HANA 

Analysts can use the data preparation features to load data directly into HANA. This is helpful when enriching an exploratory analysis using data from 3rd-party sources. Self-service data preparation reduces the burden on ETL developers and helps customers accelerate insight

Leverage existing SAP BW metadata and business content 

Retain access to SAP-specific features such as measure formatting, time-dependent hierarchies, alternate hierarchy captions, cascading parameters, and more. Companies can exploit existing business logic alongside other SAP tools

Increase Business Agility

Provides a robust Content Management system that makes it easy to change data sources or dashboards with little to no effort and no downtime. The CMS promotes a high degree of content resuse, minimizing the time it takes to deploy and maintain models, dashboards, reports and KPIs

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