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Big Data Solutions
for Your Industry


The main goal is to create consistency in numbers across the business, while giving different business units dashboards to dig down into data for their own analysis. A big win for the sales team is how automation of data makes it easier to track customer subscriptions. Previously it was a manual process, reliant on each sales person logging in to see when one of their customers was up for renewal. Now it’s automatically updated every hour.


As Healthcare companies wrestled with rising costs and a more competitive medical environment, analytics leaders are keen to use business intelligence (BI) and analytics to increased financial performance, negotiate better rates with insurers and payers, and negotiate better costs without impacting the quality of care. 


As education institutions and authorities seek to ensure the best education is provided to their students, we offer an analytics platform that allows educators to personalised learning plans to suit individual students.


Because we treat multiple data sets as a single shared resource, with an aggregated view into everything from a single stock-keeping unit to margins and profitability, we are the preferred analytics platform within many retail organisation.


As a whole, many government organisations runs on Microsoft databases, with a local SQL server with Analysis Services providing the analytical data engine. For National Accounts team, which also runs on this infrastructure, reliability is paramount. The goal is always to produce high quality and consistent statistics to support decision-making, research, and democratic social debate. To achieve this, the team has to be confident that data modelling processes are consistent.

Human Capital Management

We help HR monitor and track top performing employees using KPI dashboards. It helps to create a diverse workforce by hiring and promoting qualified individuals with different ethnicity, gender and age

Using simple KPI measures to improve employee engagement by addressing turnover and understanding patterns in employee absence. the dashboard helps identify high turnover areas and create a plan to mitigate the risks. Improve talent management by tracking performance, implement meaningful training programs and fill any skill gaps. Use predictive analytics to identify high performing employees who are flight risks. Create Total Compensation Statements is a powerful visual tool to improve productivity and employee satisfaction. 

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