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Business Analytics

Forget Obvious Facts. Your Business Analytics Software Should Do More.

Yesterday’s analytics aren’t enough for tomorrow’s decisions. Producing obvious facts for simple business questions doesn’t have an impact. The challenge is to easily find the difficult answers to complex business questions. That's where we comes in.

Data Prep Modern Self-Service: “Simplexity” Easy

We deliver the full breadth and depth of analytic functionality and data visualization through modern no-code, intuitive self-driven tools that are geared for all business user types from the novice to the advanced power user—without compromising on sophistication. 


A high-performance data and query framework can handle any question business people throw at it: it’s the foundation of a scalable business analytics solution. Our direct query engine provides blazingly fast time to insight, next-level scale, and dizzying performance. All with zero data duplication.


Embedded AI is at the core of the our platform, enabling teams to utilize more sophisticated functionality without complexity. Natural language capabilities drive powerful insights with no-code simplicity. Utilize AI-driven analysis to quickly understand key drivers and influencers. Our AI works directly against the data source without ingestion, unlike other solutions.


Our integrated platform features market-leading self-service analytics, visualizations, and graphical no-code calculation wizards—along with the fastest query engine in the market. Users can create analytics, business logic, dashboards, and reporting in a single suite.                                                .             

Governed Self-Service

Align the entire enterprise around a single source of truth. Empower people to collaborate and share business logic. Deliver top-notch management, control, and security of all data assets while letting distributed development teams and decision-makers do their thing. This is enterprise-grade consistency with localized flexibility.

Cuts Complexity

With data easily available to the entire organization, your business users are empowered to make more impactful, informed decisions.

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