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Data Prep

Tame the Chaos with Advanced Data Preparation Tools

Upscale any analytics environment with unrivaled integration capabilities. Capture data where it lives and insert it into essential workflow processes. Our advanced data preparation tools and trusted methodology cleanse and standardise data before applying it for analytic value. And with out ETL, you can blend any disparate data and generate a single view to analyse and discover business insights.

Data Prep Made Easy

The built-in, no-code data preparation makes cleaning and preparing data for analysis easy. Intuitive features, functions, and machine learning algorithms are straightforward yet sophisticated. Data is delivered through the same powerful, governed, managed, and secure universal web client used across the entire platform.

Universal Semantic Layer

Virtual semantic models act as a light layer against any data source without ingesting or duplicating the data into Pyramid’s internal engines. Everyone can query data sets seamlessly from Pyramid without needing to understand how the underlying data set is constructed or where it resides.

Deploy Faster

Get content up and running faster than ever. With security and workflow models automatically applied across the board, reusing objects is effortless for end-users.

Data from Anywhere

Access any data, anywhere. Blend disparate data sources. Accommodate any source: relational or non-relational, structured, or unstructured. Accommodate any environment: cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment. Utilize industry-leading technologies such as SAP BW, SAP HANA, Redshift, Snowflake, Microsoft, Databricks, Oracle, and many more to power your decisions.

Reduce Manual Workflow

Reduce hours wasted on manually prepping data by cleansing, enriching, and standardizing non-curated data sources through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Promote Adoption

With data easily available to the entire organization, your business users are empowered to make more impactful, informed decisions.

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