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Data Science

Data Science. No Longer Just for Data Scientists.

With data growing exponentially, the only way to mine your data for better insights and to make better decisions is to let machines do the learning. Data Science and Machine Learning are the cornerstones of automated decision intelligence and represent a foundational discipline in our platform.

Powerful Data Science. Powerful Decisions.

We exposes data science and advanced analytics to everyone by facilitating both data scientists and business users in the same unified platform. We provides advanced analytics for everyone, without compromise, allowing data scientists and business users to unite. 

Advanced Data Science

Enable data scientists to write or leverage existing R and Python scripts and then share them with others across the organization. Using a classic “learn-predict” approach, allow data scientists to easily train machine learning models and deploy them into production.

Deploys Fast

With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, deploy data science faster than ever —from the simple to the sophisticated, for any business user in your organization.

Data Science in The Box

Deploy data science and apply machine learning techniques to data across the organization to drive intelligent decisions on the same platform that everyone is using for business analytics and data prep.                                                                                                      .             

Enable Citizen Data Science

Use our no-code platform to provide people of all skill levels with access to data science capabilities with just a few clicks. Self-service data science brings your organization into the next era of intelligent decision-making.                                  .

Transform Your Business

Understand your customers, predict behavior, uncover opportunities, innovate quicker and make precise decisions with the power of data science for all of your decision-makers.

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